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Proofreading is not editing.

Technically, it is performed on typeset PDF proof pages, not on Word files. It also uses different tools – usually Adobe mark-up. To help authors we have created a proof markup guide.

An expert proofreader checks the work of the typesetter as well as that of the editor. Potential errors include incorrect pagination, heading styles, running headers; clumsy line-end breaks and word stacking; the wrong figures set with the wrong captions. But a proofreader also checks the editor’s work – a second eye to ensure that spellings and headings are consistent, notes and references are in order, sentences are grammatical.

There are at least two, often three sets of proofs. Bourchier’s Desk Editors collate the various revisions until a final proof is signed off by author and publisher.

What our clients say

‘These were an excellent set of proofs. Thank you to you and your editorial team for your hard work, care and professionalism.’

Pete Dorey
Palgrave Macmillan