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Bourchier offers three levels of editing. Some texts require two or more stages of intervention; some require only one. The choice of level results from an exchange between the client, the author, and the editor.

Copyediting – correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation; checking that references are complete; imposing stylistic consistency across the text in line with the publisher’s house style – calls for meticulous attention to detail and mastery of copyediting techniques.

Language editing – teasing out the intended meaning behind the words and suggesting alternative terms, idioms, phrases, tenses, sentence structures – calls for a high level of linguistic awareness and sensitivity to the subject matter and cultural nuances.

Structural editing – questioning the sequence and structure of the content; reorganizing sentences, paragraphs, chapters; cutting extraneous or distracting content; suggesting additional content – calls for strong analytical skills, an ability to rewrite and, not least, diplomacy.

What our clients say

‘Really thank you also for the revision of the grammar and the orthography of the article. Language is always a burden for non-native speakers but your awesome work has made this problem negligible in order to disseminate my research findings.’

Manuel Ramírez Chicharro
Author, Institute of Social Research, Amsterdam