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Our consultancy services have covered, but not exclusively:

Creating style guides for

  • The Foundation of the Hellenic World
  • Capgemini
  • The European Liberal Forum
  • Darah

Advising on publishing for non-publishers 

  • drafting a paper for a UK-based cultural foundation on how to develop its own publishing facility
  • producing a report on the potential of e-publishing for a Middle Eastern research institute

Facilitating collaborations

  • identifying a strategic publishing advisor for a research institute based in the Middle East
  • nurturing and facilitating a co-publishing agreement between a major European academic publisher and a Middle Eastern research institute

What our clients say

‘I really wanted to take a moment to thank you personally and wholeheartedly for the great work you have done for the project over the course of the past three years … Not only has your contribution tremendously improved the quality of our work but you have always been so forthcoming, generous and responsive to all our requests throughout the entire process, which has really made it a pleasure for me to work with you.’

Dr Silvia Columbo
Senior Fellow and Head of Programme, Mediterranean & Middle East, Istituto Affari Internazionali, Rome