Training and consulting with Bourchier

Capgemini Style Guide

‘How many words can I use for a main heading?’

‘What tone should we use for this article?’

‘Do we present figures in words or digits?’

To answer these and other questions, and to guide internal and external copywriters for Capgemini, we worked with our French colleagues to create a Capgemini Style Guide. This helps to ensure consistency of communications – and so strengthen corporate identity – both within the organization and with external stakeholders.

English Language Editorial Policy

In addition to editing the English translation of this book on the ancient city of Priene for the Foundation of the Hellenic World, we produced an English Language Editorial Policy. The Foundation embraces a large site in the centre of Athens dedicated to promoting insights into Hellenistic culture in all its facets. The Foundation’s research team, multimedia, translation, editing, publishing and events departments, its exhibition halls and VR dome all produced or required print and digital written material, in Greek and English. The Editorial Policy was designed to bring the outputs of these departments in line and to create a community of awareness around language use.

Consulting and training

Making the most of your resources

Here are some examples of our consultancy and training work to date:

For the Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens, we

  • effected collaborative working practices across the Foundation’s editing, translation, publication and multimedia departments to save costs and enhance creativity
  • created a 50-page English Language Style Guide

For Capgemini, Paris, we

  • created a bilingual (French and English) House Style Guide for use by in-house PR department and external copywriters (for annual reports, press releases, web articles, etc.)

For the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives, Riyadh, we

  • created a bilingual report (Arabic and English) on the challenges and opportunities of developing an e-publishing facility at the Foundation


To find out more about our consultancy and training, please email or phone on +44 (0)1285 700 737

  • “Her contribution was extremely significant. The foundations she set continue to be the model for our work.”

    Dimitris Efraimoglou, Managing Director, The Foundation of the Hellenic World, Athens
  • “brought order where there could have been chaos … meant the difference between profit and loss.”

    Jeremy Yates-Round, Managing Director, Sutton Publishing
  • “A great sense of adaptation to the context.”

    Olivier Foëx, Ethics & Compliance, Capgemini